Festa del Vi Novell in Mallorca

The last weekend of November celebrates the Young Wine Festival in Santa Maria de Cami also known as the Festa de Vi Novell.  The village hosts this festival to promote the wineries of the Es Raiguer region where their cellars set up individual stalls in the market square of Plaza Nova and invite you to taste their nouveau wines. Several local restaurants participate selling their most popular eats which gives this fiesta a great community spirit.  A tapa costs around 2 euros so it is a great way to graze while sipping the new wines. Participating restaurants include Can Barry with their famous costillas (pork ribs) and  Hostals with their escallopini. A local folk band kicks off around 9pm and the party really gets started.

Es Raiguer is the region in the proximity of Santa Maria where the wine is produced and has several wineries and cellars in the vicinity. The majority of the bodegas are from several generations of wine producers and traditionally harvest the grapes by hand.

The most well known Bodega is Macia Batle, situated on the outer skirts of Santa Maria. The winery was founded in the 1850’s and is the largest producer of wine on the island, around 40% of their wine is exported. They organize wine tasting and tours by appointment.

Can Rubi has a store selling wine in oak barrels in the centre, it has a small facade however inside is an Aladdin’s cave of local products, sobrasadas, salt, chocolate and liquors. Most of their wine is sold as ‘vino a granel’ which means in refillable plastic containers, usually bought by locals. They are a third generation of wine makers committed to using the indigenous manto negro and prensal blanc grape variety.

Bodegas Angel is a winery that mixes French and local blends. An elegante contribution to the wines of Mallorca, the founder spent his former years in the USA which has influenced his winemaking technics and blending.

Jaume de Puntiro is a family winemaker that boasts several generations of experience. Their wines are registered as ecological and their production is done on site in plaza Nova. They sell a variety of local products in-house.

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