Mallorca’s Top Ten Wines

To choose only 10 out of all of Mallorca’s wines is in itself very unfair, but those were the rules of the game on this particular occasion. So it is without forgetting all the people who work tirelessly to produce the very best wines, many of which I have been unable to include in this list, that I present you with this Top Ten.

Mallorca’s White wine

1. Sa Vall Selecció Privada, Vins Miquel Gelabert

A very high quality and unusual white wine made using Prensal blanc, Chardonnay and Muscat amongst others. Allowed to ferment in barrels, this wine has a lot of personality and its production is limited. A wine for connoisseurs.

2. Torre des Canong Blanc, Toni Gelabert

Another white wine brought to us by Toni who was the first winemaker in Mallorca to create quality wines using the autochthonous grape variety Giro blanc which seems to be the most interesting of its kind. This highly structured and complex white wine is without a doubt one of the best in Spain. Each year is reflected on the bottle and the wine improves within it. The success enjoyed by this wine has motivated other wine producers to investigate and grow this grape variety.

3. Tianna Bocchoris, Celler Tianna Negre

Tianna Bocchoris by Celler Tianna Negre in Binissalem is made using Prensal blanc and Sauvignon blanc grapes, the latter having been allowed to age in barrels of new French oak. This wine represents a dynamism and nonconformist attitude other wine estates would do well to adopt. The fact that very few of the over 3000 bottles produced remain, provides ample proof of this.

4. Nounat, Bodegas Binigrau

Nounat from Bodegas Binigrau in Biniali. One of the best selling wines of recent years. The Batle brothers created this wine using local grape variety Prensal Blanc and Chardonnay, leading the way in a new elaboration process for white wines made on the island. That is why this wine deserves to be included in the Top Ten.

5. Galdent, Ca’n Majoral

This wine comes from a stunningly beautiful vineyard where the owner Andreu, has planted the French Viognier grape variety. Year after year this winery produces wines full of personality and Mallorcan spirit, like the Galdent – a wine full of character and great aromatic potential. It can also be stored for several years in the bottle.

Mallorca’s Rosado Wine

6. Twenty Twelve Pink, Bodega Es Fangar

A young, unconventional offering from organic finca Es Fangar, rosé Twenty Twelve has a deep and mineral aroma, and a bright, brilliant colour. A fine combination of Callet, Manto Negro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah grapes.

Mallorca’s Red Wine

7. Gran Verán, Seleccionado Bodega Biniagual

A wine made using Manto Negro and Syrah, it harks back to the soil it comes from and is aged in new French oak barrels. It is the best wine produced by the enologists which created Anima Negra.

8. Sio 300, Bodegas Hereus de Ribas

In honour of their 300th anniversary this winery has created this great wine using Manto Negro and Syrah. If only for being from one of the oldest and most traditional of the island’s wineries, it deserves to be included in the Top Ten.

9. 4 Kilos, Apol-onia Viticultors

A wine which defines Francesc Grimalt’s trajectory, made using Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. This wine proves that great wines can be created with a minimum investment.

10. Collita de Fruits Callet 2006, Armero i Adrover

Many are those who have written about the merits of the Callet grape, but very few have taken note of this small estate planted some 40 years ago. Luis Armero has created a unique and authentic wine whose fine qualities and elegance are seldom found in the Mediterranean. After so many years he has managed to create a Callet wine endowed with a spectacular aroma.

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